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IRS Penalty Removal


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IRS Penalty Removal

Protect yourself against nasty IRS or Department of Revenue Letters. If you have a penalty letter, let TaxLeaf fight it for you. If we win, pay us an additional 10% of what we saved you.

If you received a penalty letter from the IRS or the Department of Revenue, TaxLeaf can help you. We love to reduce or even get rid of these nasty penalty letters. In many cases these letters include penalties, interest accrued, and/or tax due.

  • $99 Gets You Started
  • For only $99, we will begin working with the IRS or Department of Revenue (DOR)on your Penalty Letter. Here’s how it works:
  • Pay $99 up front
  • Sign a Power of Attorney
  • We communicate with IRS or DOR
  • We try to resolve the issue
  • If we win, you pay us 10% of what we saved you
  • Get the Proper Defense
  • Don’t get nervous or scared when you see an IRS or DOR letter. In most cases, these letters are sent by computers and are sent incorrectly. But in other cases, these penalties are real. That’s where TaxLeaf comes in!!!
  • We Fight For You
  • We Keep Your Records Clean
  • We Win
  • Call us today

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