We know that building a business is hard… and keeping what you earn is even harder still. So, finding an accountant whom you can trust, one who will go the extra mile to ensure that your bookkeeping and accounting records stay within the letter of the law, but still minimize what you have to pay in taxes, is probably even harder still. And that’s where Moses and Jakob Nae, the senior management team at Taxleaf, take the stress out of keeping your accounting and bookkeeping records up to date. But they never lose focus on helping you keep your hard-earned money safe from the grabbing hands of the tax authorities. You get to focus on doing business, while they take care of the record-keeping. TaxLeaf has built an enviable reputation with their clients for providing accounting and bookkeeping services that save them money and keep the IRS happy.



Whether you are located outside the United States or live within our borders, the Nae Brothers and their team continue to perform to the high levels of service that were a hallmark of their father’s accounting practice. Due to the complexities of the United States tax law, it is imperative that you engage the services of a professional accounting firm that understand the requirements of their Spanish, Portuguese and English-speaking speaking clients. But don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what one of our happy clients has to say…

“We are very satisfied with the services they offer us. TaxLeaf manages our payroll and payroll for 3 of our companies and we are delighted with their work and their professionalism.”
Alejandra Cruz

A trusted bookkeeping and payroll service is the backbone of any business and it’s for this reason that you should contact us now to see how we can help you.

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Introducing LeafCloud
Your Tax and Accounting Docs On the Go

We take the time to keep all of your tax and accounting docs nice and organized on the cloud. That means you can access them at anytime and from anywhere. We also make sure they are secure and backed up at all times.
  • Month-to-month financial statements Each Year’s Tax Returns
  • Each Year’s Patroll Reports
  • Each Year’s Paystubs, W2s, and 1099s
  • All your Bank Statements
  • All Sales Tax Receipts
  • Any Government Letters or Correspondence


A lot of people ask us “Why LEAF?” There’s actually a few ways to answer this question. The first and most obvious, we want to join the GO GREEN community for business professionals. We want to be the first fully digital and modern-day accounting company on the planet, for the planet.

The second reason is that Green is the “Color of Money”. And that’s exactly what we’ll save the most of – FOR YOU and YOUR BUSINESS. Come to any of our locations to experience business accounting at a whole new level.
Please take a moment to join our mission.