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Why Leaf

A lot of people ask us “Why LEAF?” There’s actually a few ways to answer this question. The first and most obvious, we want to join the GO GREEN community for business professionals. We want to be the first fully digital and modern-day accounting company on the planet, for the planet.

The second reason is that Green is the “Color of Money”. And that’s exactly what we’ll save the most of – FOR YOU and YOUR BUSINESS. Below are a few great learning tools about how we’re making a difference in the world. Please take a moment to join our mission.

  • Did You Know…
  • Did you know the accounting industry is one of the highest consuming industries of paper and petroleum based printer ink?


Printer Ink is Petroleum

Most people don’t realize that the printer ink you use for all your printing needs is a petroleum based product. That’s right – your printer uses oil. Taxleaf prides itself on being PAPERLESS which means NO PRINTING!
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Why Leaf? – Guide to Save the Planet.

Every step and every effort in the right direction helps. Please join our cause and select GREEN PARTNERS for all your business needs. And if you’re lucky, you’ll save the planet and some money while you’re at it.
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Digital Means Paperless

Since we’re fully a digital based and paperless accounting firm, many of our clients are using their printers less for their accounting needs. We also digitally process and submit all our tax returns and tax payments online. Faster, Easier, and Efficient!
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Paper Means Deforestation

The accounting industry is known to be one of the highest consumers of paper on the planet.

Deforestation, caused by the increase usage of paper, is the second largest contributor to the climate crisis after the burning of fossil fuels. That’s why Taxleaf prides itself on being PAPERLESS.
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