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Multi-Level Accounting Solution for Franchisors

That’s right. We finally did it.

We created a system so that each of your franchisees can keep perfect track of their accounting, payroll, and tax obligations. When you use our software all of your franchisees will have a uniform accounting system. You and your franchisees will get accurate numbers each and every month. And better yet, you can view all of your franchisees in one secure online location – Your Phone.

  • Franchisors Need Control
  • In order to run a successful franchise, you must have a certain level of control among your franchiees. Our Franchise Accounting System (FAS) was built with your needs in mind. Here’s how we can help…
  • Get Monthly Financials for Each Location using your very own Chart of Accounts
  • All Payroll and Payroll Tax items delivered on time and in full compliance
  • W2 and 1099 Year End Reconciliation
  • Tax Returns Properly Filed Each and Every Year
  • Instant Access on the Web and Phone
  • Using our LeafCloud technology, all this and more is accessible on the WEB or on your Phone. We’ve built an app for your iPhone and your Android.
  • Review Financial Data On Your Franchises Sold
  • Keeps Your Franchisees In Compliance
  • W2 and 1099 Year End Reconciliation
  • Oh, and we’re GREEN. All this and no paper or ink wasted.

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For a low monthly fee, we can help manage the accounting tax and payroll needs of your business.

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