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Accounting for Real Estate Professionals

Everybody knows that Real Estate Agents pay a lot of taxes each year on their income. This is in large part due to your commissions being paid as 1099 Income. As a real estate professional, there are many tax deductions and expenses that may apply to your trade. We’ll help you find the right ones. 

  • Common Expenses For Real Estate Agents
  • Auto Expenses (i.e. gas, tolls, parking, car wash, oil & maintenance
  • Travel Fees
  • Home Office (ask us if yours applies)
  • Advertising Costs
  • Computer Expenses
  • And much more..
  • What is a “PA” and how it can save me $$$
  • Professional Association (or “PA”) is a great way for a real estate professionals to manage their real estate income. Proper planning with a PA can possibly help you lower your tax bill
  • The DBPR allows you to have your broker pay your commission to your PA. Learn how this helps you reduce your tax liability while also creating liability protection. We can help you for only $99 (applicable state fees apply).
  • Decrease Tax Liability
  • Reduced Liability
  • Look more Professional
  • Less chance of Audits
  • Start Today – $99 plus state fees


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For a low monthly fee, we can help manage the accounting tax and payroll needs of your business.

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