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If you’ve gone over the other sections of why we call ourselves TAXLEAF, then you already know that we use almost no paper and no petroleum based ink. We have the digital age to thank for our reduced footprint on our planet.

The Eco-Accountant

Most accounting firms use between 20-30 reams of paper per month. During tax season, which spans over 3 months, that number doubles to 60 reams of paper per month. Now that the digital age is her, accounting firms are able to become paperless in many ways.

Ways Accounting Firms Can Go Green and Save Big:

1. Become Paperless

a. This involves scanning your documents instead of photocopying them.
b. Download vs. Print – try to download as much as you can and not print.
c. Taxleaf is now fully PAPERLESS

2. Submit Tax Returns Digitally

a. It’s a must to submit all your tax returns to the IRS digitally.
b. Encourage your clients to keep a digital copy only.
c. Taxleaf uses a Smart Phone App and Online Portal to provide all documents to our clients.

3. Payroll

a. Encourage employees to receive their pay via Direct Deposit.
b. Taxleaf’s Digital Payroll system allows direct deposit to any bank account.
c. All payroll tax payments are also made digitally to the corresponding government agencies.

4. Invoices

a. Never send your invoices via physical mail. This not only adds to paper and ink consumption, it also requires delivery trucks and/or air freight.
b. Get emails from all your clients and email all bills to them.

5. Payment

a. If possible, ask your clients to pay by credit card or direct deposit. No need to mail it in anymore.

6. Energy Consumption

a. All accounting firms have many computers, servers, and printers.
b. Turn off all machines when you leave the office.
c. Turn the air up to a moderate temperature.

Taxleaf has been in business since 1976. We are proud to be amongst the first accounting firms to go Green. Please spread the word and help us make a difference.

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