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We print vast quantities of documents in offices and even at home sometimes. Our ink comes contained in plastic, and ink is made from petroleum. Laser printers and photocopies use toner which “yes, you’ve guessed it” is also made from petroleum.

Petroleum-based ink emerged around 1960 because it was inexpensive back then, and also because it had an efficient drying time.

Why My Little Ink Cartridges Cost So Much

Even though Petroleum is a natural resource, it is a non-renewable one with quantities now very limited on our planet. Being the dominant energy source of the planet today, petroleum is becoming scarce and expensive. When something becomes scarce, it’s demand and consequently its price skyrocket.

Did you know:
When you go to buy your next ink cartridge, ask yourself, why does this little cartridge cost as much as my printer?. Well, now you’ll know the answer. Your ink is made from petroleum. Petroleum barrels cost 300 times as much as they did in 1950.

Dangers of Petroleum

Petroleum is a toxic and flammable liquid, and when it dries as ink, it emits volatile organic compounds (VOCs). There is no doubt that damage is being done to the environment in order to obtain crude oil and make the petroleum usable. Supporting products made from this natural resource only aid in causing poor air quality and a contribution to global warming.

What are my options

To help the cause you have 2 options: don’t print and go fully digital or use vegetable oil based printer ink.
Taxleaf is going Green and you can to. The first step is to cut your printing needs to a minimum. Our company prides itself in being fully digital and paperless. As your accounting firm, you are already helping the cause.
You should also consider changing the type of printer ink you purchase. Look into vegetable oil-based printer ink. The cost is fairly comparable, but the environmental impact is significantly reduced.

Here are some great links to you started:

Since we’re fully a digital based and paperless accounting firm, many of our clients are using their printers less for their accounting needs. We also digitally process and submit all our tax returns and tax payments online.


Every step and every effort in the right direction helps. Please join our cause and select GREEN PARTNERS for all your business needs. And if you’re lucky, you’ll save the planet and some money while you’re at it.

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