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Audits $2000

Audits $2000

Audits are never fun to deal with. TaxLeaf can help you through the difficult process of an audit. Let us represent you to deliver the best possible solution to you and your business.


An audit is an exact accounting of a period in time that your business was in operations. In most cases, an audit could mean trouble. In all cases, an audit is extremely costly. TaxLeaf has been successful in helping our clients with favorable outcomes on their audits.

  • The Audit Process
  • The first step in a good audit is to determine the purpose of the audit. The next step is to gather all the required information necessary to complete the audit. The hard part is to then sift through each piece of information thoroughly. Then we connect the dots to paint the exact picture of where every nickel and dime went during that specific period of time.
  • How Long Does It Take
  • This depends greatly on the level of complexity of your audit. Our average is between 4-6 weeks to successfully complete an audit. Our certified professional accountants will then sign off that the audit meets with all general accepted accounting guidelines.