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Apply for an FEIN for My Business

Apply for an FEIN for My Business

Obtain your FEIN today for only $149. TaxLeaf will help you fill out an SS-4 Form to quickly obtain your FEIN. Takes 2-3 Business Days.


Every business needs an FEIN (or Federal Taxpayer Identification Number) to file taxes with the IRS. If you’ve recently created a new business, make sure your business has an FEIN. If not, let us know and we can help.

  • What is a FEIN?
  • An FEIN number is similar to a Social Security Number, but for a business. All businesses need to apply for an FEIN number for many reasons. Below are some of the most common reasons you’ll need an FEIN for your business:
  • Open a Bank Account under your business
  • Payroll for your business
  • File Taxes
  • License and Permit Applications
  • What Do I Have To Do
  • TaxLeaf will help you fill out the SS-4 IRS Form to obtain your FEIN. Once we will out this form and submit to the IRS, we can have your FEIN number in 2-3 business days. TaxLeaf has helped thousands of businesses with their FEIN. Start today.