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Many people are now finding out the benefits of creating their company offshore. There are many countries that have favorable tax incentives for companies. We know the tips and the tricks to get you on the right path in no time.

Countries to Choose From

  • British Virgin Islands
  • Panama
  • Caymen Islands
  • Aruba
  • Bahamas

Advantages of Forming Offshore Company

Tax Benefits
Since the offshore corporation owns the assets and any income, there is nothing in your name to report. This can result in considerable tax savings for you.

Asset Protection
Titling your assets in an offshore company’s name helps to make you judgment-proof.

Legal Protection
In the event of a lawsuit, the laws of the country where you incorporated provide protection. The incorporating jurisdiction will not honor a U.S. civil judgment.

Under the incorporating jurisdiction’s laws, ownership and stockholder information is kept private. Your privacy is secured through the corporation and stringent privacy laws.

Reporting Requirements
Many offshore countries have reduced filing and reporting requirements. This allows for easier operations.

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