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Virtual Office – $99/month

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Virtual Office – $99/month

Virtual Office includes a mailing address with digital mailing forwarding and a virtual phone number for the ultimate professional presence. Get your mail digitally on the day it arrives to our office.


A Virtual Office is the perfect setup for any business owner that wants to be smart and efficient. All your mail is sent to our mailing address where it’s scanned and digitally filed. We also setup a Toll Free number for your business with real live message recording.

  • What Does A Virtual Office Include
  • Use of our mailing address
  • Virtual PBX Phone Line
  • Digital Mail Forwarding
  • Your Mail Scanned, Stored, and Secured
  • Get it on LeafCloud
  • Download our LeafCloud App
  • Login and View all your mail real time
  • Be Organized
  • Be Secure
  • Be Smart – Backups Daily