Reasons to go Green

As if the environment wasn’t enough, learn the many awesome reasons to turn your business green. Could becoming Green also make your business more money? Learn how.

Building and Operation Costs vs. Bottom Line

If you are getting ready to renovate, consider using green materials and green equipment to increase your bottom line. For example, get a solar or electric water heater can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars each year. Or streamline operations within your industry to save on materials.


There is an outstanding number of green marketing channels on the internet today. In many cases, green certification agencies require members to choose other business services within their own network or with other green certifications.

Many social and networking groups also have green initiatives which ask them to choose green partners. This allows your customers to feel like they are helping the cause.

Company Morale

More employees these days are discovering the importance of the environment and climate change. They are starting to analyze their employers and select only those which have a green initiative. High company morale often leads to high work efficiency.

Talk of the Industry

If you are in an industry where few competitors have marketed themselves as green, this is your chance to stand out alone. Become one of the few companies in your industry taking advantage of these new marketing channels. Find ways to have your local newspaper write Public Relations articles about your Green Initiative.

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